2.12.12: itch at Tilt-Shift LA

itch journal is pleased to be participating in two events as part of

Tilt-Shift LA: New Queer Perspectives on the Western Edge

presented by Darin Klein & Friends
Luis De Jesus Los Angeles
2685 S La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 838-6000
Sunday, February 12, 12-6pm: ‘Zine Fest 2012!
Peruse and purchase publications from local creators and purveyors: 21st Century Queer Artists Identify Themselves, Double Break Gallery and Shop, Glaciers of Nice, itch, JIMMY, Night Papers, prvtdncr & bodega vendetta, Public Fiction, Christopher Russell, spunk (1993-96), Starrfucker, and more. Plus free reading material from The Miracle Bookmobile!
Saturday, February 18, 6-8pm: itch
Experience an intimate and intense dance performance by members of the itch community, whose interests and practices converge in a happenstance yet curiously fortuitous bricolage. itch is an evolving art project qua artist forum cum journal/‘zine published in LA.
Come visit us for these events, and check out the exhibit – running from Jan. 28 – February 25, 2012
Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm
special program hours
and by appointment
In the introduction that accompanies this exhibition, Darin Klein writes:As queer artists, we navigate a city that may have been built on illusion but is being held together by individualized histories. Our bodies and our intellects seek harmony with or rebel against the disparate confluences of our surroundings while gleaning information and inspiration. Our art proposes pragmatic solutions to, fantastic alternatives for, or straightforward documentation of the world as we experience it at the western edge of western civilization. …Because the ground we stand on is unstable—literally and metaphorically—the fortification of our psychological landscape is of utmost importance. There is no singular viewpoint on important issues that are certain to affect entire communities where nature and man threaten to wipe out the bedrock of our collective and varied efforts and hopes. Piece by piece we work to ensure that each of our voices is heard, confident that our contributions must strengthen the foundation of a future historical dialogue as it will pertain to queer artists living and working in Los Angeles right now.

(An itch event)

(You are cordially invited)
2hours4every3minutes: a performance cycle
Featuring: Greg Barnett, Taisha Paggett, Meg Wolfe… and you?
As part of Tilt-Shift LA: New Queer Perspectives on the Western Edge
Saturday, February 18, 2012
come late/leave early/stay for the long haul
Luis De Jesus Los Angeles
2685 S La Cienega Boulevard (south of Venice)
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Contemplating the notion of queer performance and perusing this opportunity for real-time interaction, itch offers 2hours4every3minutes, a performance cycle.
What is it our bodies are willing to confess to that cannot otherwise be articulated? What information gets translated over time and what simply disappears? How do we share (the spotlight)? What unexpected danger/magic/disaster/confusion, etc., do we encounter when we really allow “everyone in the room” to speak, and who really takes up the invitation? What is this atrocity/beauty we call performance?
In the first hour, Greg Barnett, Taisha Paggett and Meg Wolfe rotate through a series of 3 minute performances, each one feeding off of and building from the previous experience. In the second hour, the 3 minute performance cycle opens to anyone who wishes to bring their body into the conversation. Over the course of 2 hours, the arc of the performance will be built from the shared labor of the bodies in this intimate space, bodies whose participation as witness or mover is of equal value. Mic check, mic check: how might you participate?
Luis De Jesus Los Angeles Presents
Darin Klein & Friends
Tilt-Shift LA: New Queer Perspectives on the Western Edge
above photo: Suzanne Wright