Wild Mind

May 5, 2012

Saturday at 3:30pm
Electric Lodge
1416 Electric Avenue, Venice, CA 90291

A conversation with David Roussève, Cari Ann Shim Sham* and Sri Susilowati
Dr. Anna B. Scott/Gesture & The Citizen joins Show Box L.A. to produce Wild Mind, a conversation about dance, innovation and society. Featuring with choreographers David Roussève and Sri Susilowati, along with filmmaker Cari Ann Shim Sham*, Scott leads a discussion of memory and screens, dance on film, and other topics that arise from the mediated gesture. GestureandCitizen/WildMind1 is an opportunity to chat with Dr. Scott and her guest speakers about readings that have been selected in advance. The goal is to create a rich experience in which speakers and audience are ready part in a conversational “dance” together.