press: Swap/Meet #01

Experimental, Improvised Dance Energizes in ‘Swap/Meet’ at Bootleg Theater

“Though Show Box LA has only recently become the proud recipient of a handful of financial awards from public and private sources, local audiences continue to reap the rewards of this forward thinking not-quite-an-institution. This past weekend, the multi-faceted amoebic structure brought Abby Crain and Margit Galanter, two movement-based artists from San Francisco, into Southern California to make their Los Angeles debuts, sharing a program with Wolfe. They’re the pilot production of “Swap/Meet,” the new Show Box LA initiative that “connects dance communities through performances, workshops and exchanges,” as stated in the evening’s program at the Bootleg Theater.

Promotional materials mention the investigative nature of the work on display and the strong part improvisation plays in these artists’ oeuvres… the opening up of the creative process can be illuminating and compelling to witness.

Three cheers for Show Box LA moving forward! Let’s keep our eyes open for the next launch!”

-Benn Widdey,