Pat Payne: Velvet Hammer

September 24, 2012

Monday at 7pm
Bootleg Theater
2220 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90057

L.A. Lady Arm Wrestlers returns to wrestle in the name of grassroots, non-profit art. Join us as Pat Payne, aka VELVET HAMMER, represents Show Box L.A. during the Fall Brawl of the L.A. Lady Arm Wrestlers event at Bootleg Theater. One part Theater, one part Wrestling. One part Anything-Can-Happen.

Eight women battle it out with strength, wits, bribery, you name it. Our celebrity judges make the final decision, and when a champion is named, the proceeds are donated back to the winning wrestlers organization, with the other seven companies earning whatever they raise from the crowd.

Along with Show Box L.A., this brawl features representatives from Sacred Fools, Ghost Road, Collaborative Arts LA, Opera del Espacio, Son of Semele, Moving Arts and Poor Dog Group. L.A.

• • •
L.A. LAW is part of the national non-profit Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers or CLAW ( It is One part Theater. One part Wrestling. One part Anything Can Happen. And all the money raised is donated back to our communities. In the spirit of WWF, Roller Derby, and burlesque, the Los Angeles chapter is part of a growing national movement. These spectacles are a strange brew of performance art, burlesque, sport, and grassroots fundraising, where women create wild personas, theme songs and entourages, and solicit money from the audience.