Jeremy Wade: Fountain

February 4, 2013

Monday at 9pm
Foxfairy Studios
700 S Market Court, 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90021

“Wade is a captivating growling demon spastically continuing to ‘suck’ the life out of each one of us.” —Brooklyn Rail 

“A soaring, secular hymn produced by a shaman.” —Deborah Jowitt

Fountain is a solo from Jeremy Wade that has been evolving since early experiments 2010. The work proposes a generative sphere of uncertainty as Wade circumvents traditional audience-performer dynamics and facilitates a generous group experience that evolves into a sensual engine. Wade assumes the role of preacher, shaman, and fool, by offering himself as a medium to receive and transform the energy of the theater space taking the audience on an emotional and alchemical journey. Wade’s choreographic technique is a unique encounter of aesthetic, sociological, and neurological dimensions. He derives movement from intense attention to the multiplicity of impulses in the body that are drawn from neurological processes, social constructions of norm, and aesthetic decisions. The stage becomes an engine where the intersubjective actions/reactions are propelled into space enveloping the audience for maximal sensation and association.

• • •
Jeremy Wade is an American dancer/choreographer based in Berlin. He graduated from the School For New Dance Development, Amsterdam in 2000. Wade premiered his first evening length work titled Glory at Dance Theater Workshop in 2006, for which he received a Bessie Award. Since then, Wade has been living in Berlin, working closely with the Hebbel Theater and Dramaturge Eike Wittrock. His most recent performance works include …and pulled out their hair(2007), Throwing Rainbows Up (2008), I Offer My Self To Thee (2009),  and There Is No End To More (2010). In 2011 Wade embarked on a six month research phase titled “identity and transgression” from which he created the solo Fountain and a new trio To The Mountain. In addition to the creation of performances and a rigorous teaching practice, Wade has always been drawn to the curation, production and hosting of ecstatic events. This interest evolved from his experience as a host of vibrant parties and night clubs in New York City during the mid-90s, and his role as a founding member of Chez Bushwick in Brooklyn. He curated the Politics of Ecstasy Festival in 2009 at the Hebbel am Ufer together with Meg Stuart, Eike Wittrock and Brendan Dougherty. Wade also curated Creature Feature, a queer performance series in 13 editions from 2009 to 2011 at Basso, Berlin.

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Photo by Romain Ettienne.