Morgan Thorson – Workshop: Get to Know Yourself

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pieter PASD
420 West Avenue 33 #10 | Los Angeles, CA 90031

In GET TO KNOW YOURSELF you will practice dancing your whole self with attention and imagination. We will focus on releasing tensions through the embodiment of active images and hands-on exercises called partner graphics. This work is meant to open awareness, access alignment and coordination, and enliven our imaginations. It will also reveal how we limit ourselves with habitual thought and physical patterns. The results of this work will be power, grace and deeper understanding of how and why you dance.

Presented in conjunction with performances of The Other Thing by Morgan Thorson & Meg Wolfe at REDCAT, as part of the New Original Works Festival, August 8–10, 2013.

• • •
Morgan Thorson is a dance-maker based in Minneapolis. She is a Guggenheim, McKnight and USA Artist Fellow as well as a certified Skinner Releasing practitioner. She teaches dance at University of Minnesota and Wesleyan University’s Creative Campus.

For Morgan, dance-making is an occupation of necessity. A core interest in her dance-making is the tension between the physical limitations of the body, the expansive nature of the imagination, and the emotional current inside the movement. Her works have been presented at a variety of international, national and local venues such as the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Dance Theatre Workshop and Performance Space 122 in New York, and London Improvisation in Performance. She has been a resident artist at The Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography (MANCC); the Centre Choreographique National De France-Comte in Belfort, France, and a MacDowell Artist Colony Fellow.