Marbles Rae Shao-Lan: Walden (where are you?)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pieter PASD
420 West Avenue 33 #10, Los Angeles, CA 90031

A dance class and lab to unscript the mind that colonizes the body—a participatory re-appro-pro-pro-priation of the body as nature. Participants (re)imprint basic patterns in nature through visualization and movement exploration, mindfulness and experiential anatomy. Tapping into the tide of cerebral spinal fluids, as well as physical and metaphysical fields vastly beyond, our attentiveness shall draw forth an original dance. This is a trans/genderqueer-friendly class open to all levels of physical experience.

Presented by Show Box L.A. in conjunction with performances of New Faithful Disco, September 13–15, 2014 as part of the Live Arts Exchange Festival at Bootleg Theater.

• • •
Marbles —dancer, choreographer, craniosacral therapist and bodyworker—lived and worked in New York City between 1995-2002 in which time they studied extensively in the Ailey and Limon studios before steeping themselves in the world of improvisation, post-modern release forms, and experimental dance composition. Marbles studied with influential teachers such as K.J. Holmes, Sara Hook, and Janine Durning, and other experimental movement practices based in Ideokinesis, such as Topf and Alexander Technique, Body Mind Centering and Continuum Movement. Through these practices, which introduced ways to re-open pathways, unwind the culturally scripted post-industrial body and reveal a responsive and dynamic organism, Marbles began to develop their voice as a dancer and dance maker, presenting work at venues and outdoor environments including Danspace Project, HERE, Prospect Park and Williamsburg Arts Exchange, and performing in the company of Susan Marshall.

Marbles relocated to Los Angeles in 2005 where they worked in close collaboration and mentorship with Simone Forti, including the development of Ice Bergs, a movement practice they evolved together over a dedicated weekly practice throughout 2007 and 2008. Marbles (Rae Shao-Lan) was a founding editor of itch dance journal along with Meg Wolfe and taisha paggett. Marbles’ video, Captain, created in collaboration with Pooh Kaye, previewed at Dance Camera West in 2008 and their work Systems of Us, created with musician Tashi Wada, was part of the 2010 NOW Festival at REDCAT.

Marbles currently resides in a rustic rural setting off-the-grid north of the San Francisco Bay where they have been meditating and dancing in the indigenous woodlands of Oak, Redwood, Manzanita and Bay Laurel, and learning about sustainable farming and Permaculture. The learning and discoveries that have burgeoned from this period—much informed by the pace and pulse of nature’s orchestration—are what Marbles is attempting to retrofit into a studio practice called Walden (where are you?)

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