Jennie Liu & Andrew Gilbert: House Music

House Music by Jennie Liu & Andrew Gilbert
hosted by Grand Lady Dance House

In House Music, performers Jennie Liu and Andrew Gilbert invite small groups of guests into their stark, movable, ten-by-ten hut, to witness and participate in a commitment ceremony to the creative process. Part travelogue of a creative vision-quest, part biography of an artist relationship, guests are absorbed into an elaborately coded system of interrelating, designed to probe the notion that only within constraints lies the truest freedom. Meticulous live video reveals the personal grounding of this life experiment, supported by a live soundtrack inspired by the socially binding properties of early house music. A container for active meditation on the art of being with each other and with ourselves, House Music offers aesthetic frames to reckon with past mistakes, to examine and deeply feel the transient nature of everything.

Creators: Andrew Gilbert & Jennie MaryTai Liu
Performers: Andrew Gilbert & Jennie MaryTai Liu


April 9 – 30, 2016:  HOUSE MUSIC: A Residency – The Mistake Room, Los Angeles, CA

October 22 & 24, 2015: Live Arts Exchange Festival, Los Angeles, CA

Projected NY premiere at the Chocolate Factory in 2017.


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Photo by Andrew Mandinach.