si|embra F21

Queride community, Show Box L.A. is pleased to announce our invited artist for FALL 2021:
 Isis Avalos

We are excited to have her on board to lead a community engagement program for residents in L.A. She will lead “si|embra” a community engagement, re-introduction, and performance event between 11/11-11/13. Isis is supported by our SHOW BOX L.A. residency program with funding from the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles
Isis Avalos is a mother, bordercrosser and multidisciplinary movement artist based in Los Angeles, originally from Brownsville, TX. Avalos received her BFA from University of North Texas and has more than 7 years experience touring nationally and internationally as a Teaching/Performing Dance Artist. She is currently a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Facilitator for The Courage Collective based out of Nashville, TN.  Her lived experience growing up undocumented in the South Texas borderland informs her relationship to living in the in-between/identity politics and a somatic approach to anti-racism work.  Her movement aesthetic relating to her Mexican Heritage, street/social dance forms and Modern release training serve as a crossroads to her praxis rooted in exploring a de-colonial approach to movement and art-making.
IG: @morenamover

Please join Isis Avalos on Thursday, November 11th from 11am to 5pm at Jireh Estética Unisex. Communally, we will be building the altar juntes (together) that will be part of the main event on Saturday, November 13th. Please stop by any time. We invite you to share a picture on the altar.

NOTE: Virtual Streaming of the opening event via Facebook and Instagram live

It is with excitement that Show Box L.A. invites you to our first in-person event for this year: si | embra, an in-person, immersive experience of life and death existing inside one space. si I embra is created to honor death through pictures in an activated altar inside a live movement celebration by artist in residence Isis Avalos (creative altar collaboration with Raquel Cabrera).

(please wear masks and abide by COVID-19 safety protocols)

pictures have helped us see parts of us that we no longer recognize -a goodbye that we never had with ourselves only until we see that picture again. How do we continue to cultivate ourselves while in transitions of life that often asks us to let something die in order to invite what wants to be born? The act of bringing life into this realm simultaeneously invites the death of what we once were. How doe continuously exist in this duality? Like the molcajete, how many curaciones have we had before we ultimately are grounded back into the earth?

si | embra invites you to honor the parts of you that have died and exist to remind you, you are alive.

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A part of SBLA’s mission for this year is to work with and highlight local immigrant-owned businesses in Los Ángeles, merging artists from all backgrounds and mediums together. Your donations and contributions go towards this collaboration with local business and ongoing partnership for future performances and projects.