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Culturebot: Good Circulation

Good Circulation: Grassroots Exchange Connecting Communities of Practice

” … The exchanges are vitamins for rich and progressive contemporary performance communities nationally.

To cite a potent example, Show Box L.A.’s… grassroots efforts have created a powerful hub of experimental practice and dialogue that did not previously exist in the area.

-Julie Potter, on is a platform for discourse on contemporary dance, theater, live art and visual art performance.

This article is from a series posted as part of the dialogue around the 2013 American Realness Festival in NYC.

press: Swap/Meet #01

Experimental, Improvised Dance Energizes in ‘Swap/Meet’ at Bootleg Theater

“Though Show Box LA has only recently become the proud recipient of a handful of financial awards from public and private sources, local audiences continue to reap the rewards of this forward thinking not-quite-an-institution. This past weekend, the multi-faceted amoebic structure brought Abby Crain and Margit Galanter, two movement-based artists from San Francisco, into Southern California to make their Los Angeles debuts, sharing a program with Wolfe. They’re the pilot production of “Swap/Meet,” the new Show Box LA initiative that “connects dance communities through performances, workshops and exchanges,” as stated in the evening’s program at the Bootleg Theater.

Promotional materials mention the investigative nature of the work on display and the strong part improvisation plays in these artists’ oeuvres… the opening up of the creative process can be illuminating and compelling to witness.

Three cheers for Show Box LA moving forward! Let’s keep our eyes open for the next launch!”

-Benn Widdey,


Foundation for Contemporary Arts Support!

The Show Box LA team is thrilled by the news that we’ve been awarded a grant from Foundation for Contemporary Arts towards our presenting programs in the coming year. It’s a great honor to be recognized by FCA for our endeavors here in Los Angeles, and join the list of wonderful organizations that they support.

Thank you FCA!  And thank you to our dynamic community of artists, friends, family, and supporters!

“Foundation for Contemporary Arts is thrilled to support these worthy arts organizations, who provide crucial services and presenting platforms to artists across the country,” said Stacy Stark, Executive Director of Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

Founded and guided by artists, FCA’s mission is to encourage, sponsor and promote innovative work in the arts created and presented by individuals, groups and organizations. For forty-nine years, FCA has provided grants to hundreds of artists and arts organizations enabling significant opportunities for creative exploration and development, and in fact predated the creation of government agencies such as the NEA.

itch Dance Journal has a new website!

itch Dance Journal has a new website!

Now and future lovers of itch, We are delighted to announce that we have a new website. The talented and whimsical Tanya Rubbak, itch Dance Journal’s design guru, has been hard at work. Check it out!

Practice participation in the ever-unfurling culture of corporeal inquiry and art making,
from LA and beyond: insert your thoughts, your body, your voice.

Love from the itch team:
Arianne Hoffmann, Taisha Paggett, Tanya Rubbak, Meg Wolfe, and Sara Wolf

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Annenberg Foundation Support!

Annenberg Foundation supports Show Box L.A.!

We are thrilled to share the news that we have received a grant from Lauren Bon and the Metabolic Studio (a program of The Annenberg Foundation) in recognition of Show Box LA’s inspiring work and practice in the arts.  By funding the intangibles that precede creativity, support is offered to catalyze an artist’s practice.

Receiving this funding is a generous show of support for the work we’ve done so far, and great encouragement for what we focus on next.

Stay tuned!

itch #14 is out

itch #14: The Brakes. The Breaks

features writing/visuals from Taisha Paggett, Mikal Czech, Hana van der Kolk, LuQ, Julie Tolentino, Olive Mckeon, Rosie Trump, Sue Roginski, Christy Funsch, Vanessa Dewolf, Julie Mayo, Stephanie Skura, Diamondback Annie, Marcela Fuentes, M. Fielder, Alison d’Amato, J. Dellecave, D. Sherwood, Kate Mattingly & Macklin Kowal, Stacy Dawson Stearns, Sarah Day, Sara Wolf, Sara Wookey, Maya Maverik, Kevin Gralewski;  layout/design by Tanya Rubbak.

Los Angeles Times – 2011 Best in Dance

2011 year in review: Best in dance

From The Los Angeles Times year in review:

Miguel Gutierrez, a New York based dance and music artist, enjoys being both inventive and profane. His local solo debut in July, at the Alexandria Hotel (co-presented by Show Box LA and Blankenship Ballet), promised to be a step apart, and it was. “Heavens What Have I Done” was slyly subversive, chopping through boundaries between artist and audience and aiming for truths about love. Gutierrez transformed himself into an opera diva with white makeup and bouffant wig. He propelled himself around the Palm Court Ballroom with abandon, a fearless artist.

Read the full article here

press: Wrapping Up Miguel

Here are the links to all the reviews, previews and interviews from Miguel Gutierrez’s visit to L.A.! Enjoy!

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‘Heavens,’ it’s Miguel Gutierrez at the Alexandria Hotel
Los Angeles Times article by Susan Josephs

Miguel Gutierrez, finding a path outside the mainstream
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