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Anatomy Riot #45

January 22, 2012

Sunday at 7pm
6608 Lexington Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038

In Loving Memory/Everything Must Go!
Don’t be sad it’s over, be glad it happened.

It is with great sadness and unexpected joy that we announce the death of Anatomy Riot, “AR”, 45, of Los Angeles, CA. AR was a wanderer, making her home from bars to ballrooms over the 6+ years. Hard-working, easygoing, unassuming, and community-minded, AR was loved by many; and is survived by Meg Wolfe, Show Box L.A., and 250+ performance children, countless intersections of legitimate and illegitimate body-specific investigations. AR is survived by the spirit of _____. AR is survived by you.

Linda Austin
Gregory Barnett & Kate Gilbert
Kate Bergstrom
Stacy Dawson Stearns
Maureen Dunn
Simone Forti & The Sleeves (Terrence Luke Johnson, Sarah Swenson, Douglas Wadle)
d. Sabela grimes
Arianne Hoffmann
Marcus Kuiland-Nazario
Pat Payne
Jose Reynoso
Nancy Sandercock
Anna B. Scott
Meg Wolfe

• • •
Show Box L.A./Anatomy Riot #45: Everything Must Go / itch Dance Journal will be featured as part of the Native Strategies series. Write to nativestrategiesla@gmail.com for more information.