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Sara Shelton Mann – Workshop: The Body Process

Saturday–Sunday, November 2–3, 2013

Dance Arts Academy, Studio B
731 South La Brea Avenue | Los Angeles, CA 90036

Opening systems of the body from a relaxed space we find the body that is both grounded and expanded into a multi-dimensional reality. The workshop will include chi cultivation and lots of breathing as a platform to both detox and invigorate the whole being. We will address a segment of the body each day through exploration, improvisation, touch and energy work. I bring a toolbox and we play inviting new possibilities. Featuring live accompaniment by Mark Growden.

Presented by Show Box L.A. in conjunction with performances of Hybrid 2 by Sara Shelton Mann at Live Arts Los Angeles, November 2–3, 2013.

• • •
Sara Shelton Mann  has been a major influence in the Bay Area scene with her interdisciplinary collaborations – from early work with her group Contraband, performing with Guillermo Gomez-Pena, and through her ongoing investigations of contact improvisation, interdisciplinary teaching and performance methods that work with the person as the vehicle of transformation. Her process has come from personal research and many years of study in various spiritual traditions, shamanic practices, and healing trainings. She is a Master NLP (neuro‐linguistic programming) Practitioner, certified Reconnection Healer(TM), TheReconnection(TM). and a continual student of dowsing and other healing modalities.

For more information visit www.sarasheltonmann.org